Hiring an electrician to install a smoke alarm or switchboard

If you need a smoke alarm or switchboard installed – or replaced talk to your local Sydney electricians at Electrician To The Rescue. They come to you on time every time; don’t waste your day sitting around waiting for a Sydney electrician to arrive, with Electrician To The Rescue you get an electrician at your place when you need him.

With Electrician To The rescue you are guaranteed that the technician who comes to you to install your switchboard or smoke alarm is qualified, fully licensed and experienced, insured, reliable and honest, with great testimonials that speak for themselves.

You need to have a licensed Sydney electrician to install a smoke alarm – there are two types available, The Ionisation Smoke Alarm that runs on batteries and the Photoelectric smoke alarm – that is hard wired. A certified and qualified electrician should do the installation and yearly maintenance.

If you need switchboard installation, an upgrade, or safety switch installation call Electrician To The Rescue, Alternatively contact us by filling in the online form. Older houses may have the old porcelain fuse boards and it will find it hard dealing with the many different electrical appliances found in homes today, if you have an older switchboard it may be worth considering upgrading it to a new circuit breaker.

Always ensure a qualified and fully licensed electrician does any and all installations and maintenance on your home. Don’t leave any electrical issues until it’s too late – if you see a problem but ignore it, it can lead to a bigger issue and may even result in an electrical fire that can put your life and your family’s life in danger.

Sydney electricians from Electrician To The Rescue provide 24 hour service 365 days of the year this means we always have you covered and with fixed priced quotes you can be sure there WON’T be any nasty surprises when you get the bill. Don’t be ripped off by rogue traders – always get a quote in writing. Electrician To The Rescue charges by the job and not by the hour which saves you money.

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