If you have an electrical problem at your home or office you need to hire professional Sydney electricians. After all you should only allow qualified Sydney electricians into your home as an unlicensed tradesman could put the safety of your home at risk. There are plenty of good electricians out there you just have to find the right one for you. You can find electricians in the phone book, online or by asking friend sand family for recommendations, but however you find one, remember to check that the electrician services your area so you don’t end up being hit with hidden charges when the bill arrives.

The team at Electrician To The Rescue service all of metro Sydney and will come to your home to see what the problem is and give you a written quote for free. It is quite important to receive a written quote as it’s your proof as to what work was to be carried out and it is always a good idea to find out what the exact price for the work will be before you agree to work starting. This way you avoid any nasty ‘surprises’ at the end of the day, once the work has been completed.

In general a written quote should list all the work that is to be carried out – essentially what the problem is – for example installing 2 powerpoints or repairing wiring – and a breakdown of how much each job will cost. Also check that they have a valid, up to date license number and ABN clearly displayed on their paperwork. It’s extremely important that the Sydney electricians you choose are qualified: allowing someone who is not could mess up your appliances or damage the electrical wiring – or even your home. All good electricians these days have a website so you can look for services they provide, and it’s definitely worth taking a look at their testimonials.

Receiving a written quote will show you the professionalism of the electrician so you know what to expect, and for larger jobs you can also use it as way of ‘ticking off’ what the electrician has or hasn’t done. A Sydney electrician from Electrician To The Rescue will always let you ask questions so you can feel relaxed about the work to be carried out, so if there are any elements of that job that you don’t quite understand, simply ask for it to be explained.

So call us first: call today on 1800 893 218 or click here to book your job online!

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