Fuse tripping and Switchboard Repairs in Strathfield South

Tripping of circuit breakers in Strathfield South

Circuit breakers in Strathfield South are essentially safety devices. They are designed to protect all the electrical wiring & equipment and your home and office. If you find fuse tripping in Strathfield South taking place too often, it is an indication that there is some fault you have to attend to.

Loose electrical connections that have occurred while electrical work has been carried out can be one of the reasons for fuse tripping. We can handle this and any other switchboard repair in Strathfield South with the highest levels of expertise. We are able to handle all kinds of electrical installation, maintenance and repair work, but it’s important for you to notice all the signs of trouble and call us in on time.

Don’t ignore tripping of Circuit breakers in Strathfield South

If any circuit breaker in your home or office trips, the first thing you would do is to reset it. But if it trips too often, it’s not something you should ignore. The system is trying to tell you that there is a fault in it that has to be fixed. There are times when it may be no more than a weak breaker issue. In some cases, thunderstorms and inclement weather can result in fuse tripping too.

The Emergency Call

If you find any circuit breaker hot to the touch, it is important to call Electrician To The Rescue without delay. We are the most recommended electricians in the Inner West because we provide:

  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Same day services
  • 100% lifetime guarantee on workmanship
  • No hidden charges

Contact us via this online form for all standard bookings and in emergencies, please call on 1800 893 218