Fuse tripping and Switchboard Repairs in Mortdale

Circuit breakers in Mortdale are safety devices. They are specifically-designed to protect wiring, equipment and your home too. And so when you find frequent fuse tripping in Mortdale, it is something that should be taken seriously. One of the most common causes of circuit breakers tripping, are loose electrical connections and at times switchboard repair in Mortdale may be required. These are things that can be repaired but it is important that you notice the signs and call Electrician To The Rescue to attend to the problem without delay.

Don’t ignore tripping of Circuit breakers in Mortdale

If a circuit breaker in your home trips, attempt to reset it. You can do this by witching it to the “off” position and then back into the “on” position. However, if this happens to often, do not ignore it. The fact is that it is trying to tell you that something is not right; as a matter of fact, that is its job.

And though it might just be a weak breaker issue or even the result of thunderstorms in inclement weather, always keep in mind that you are dealing with high amperage, high voltage and sometimes high-temperatures (like in the case of hot water heaters), which can result in serious damage to life & property.


The Emergency Call

The one point to note is that circuit breakers should not feel hot to the touch. If the breaker trips as soon as you reset it, this is an indication of a problem and you should call us right away. The minute you call us in any electrical emergency, we will deploy one of our Super-Electricians to your home and remember that we work 24/7. Contact us via this online form and for emergencies, please call on 1800 893 218