Fuse tripping and Switchboard Repairs in Kogarah

Have you ever experienced fuse tripping in Kogarah? There are times when you find that the fuse in your house keeps tripping. You think it is a small current fluctuation that is causing it and wonder what is wrong. But it is important to know that if this is a common occurrence, the system is trying to tell you something and you should not be ignoring it. A fuse can trip if:

  • The current within the circuit is too high
  • A component in that installation is failing
  • There is a shorted wire
  • Excessive components in a certain circuit

The fact is that when a fuse “trips”, it’s actually the elements that melt or burn because there is excessive current or amps that are passing through them, compared to what it is actually rated for. Before you just put that fuse on ignore mode- think a little more. Why did the fuse trip? It tripped because it was trying to telling you something and if you ignore that sign you are risking a fire in your home.

Fix circuit breakers in Kogarah

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