Fuse tripping and Switchboard Repairs in Connells Point

If you have experienced fuse tripping in Connells Point in your home, or noticed that the circuit breaker keeps tripping- it’s something that should not be taken lightly. You may feel that it is just a fluctuation in the current and might ignore it. But it is vital to check if this is occurring too often. In case it is, the electrical system in your house is indicating that there is some problem and that it has to be attended to without delay.  A fuse may trip if:

  • The current in that circuit is too high
  • Any component in the  installation is  failing
  • There might be a shorted wire
  • Too many components in a single circuit

When any fuse “trips”, the elements melt/burn because of the excessive current/ amps that passes through them, compared to the rating they are able to handle. Before you ignore that fuse- give it a bit of thought. Why did the fuse trip? It tripped because there was some trouble & ignoring it could mean that you are risking a fire.

Fixing circuit breakers in Connells Point

If a circuit breaker in your home trips too often/if a fuse has blown, call us immediately. We handle all kinds of switchboard repairs in Connells Point as well as faults in the circuit breakers in Connells Point. We are a very reliable electrical company that has been providing services in St George for 30 years and all our customers trust us to provide them with excellent and prompt services for switchboard repair in Connells Point.

Hiring the Best

We never compromise on any count & provide 24/7 services whenever you call us on 1800 893 218. You can use this online form to book a time & we will provide you with same day services without fail.