Fuse tripping and Switchboard Repairs in Bexley

Boggled by fuse tripping in Bexley due to overload? Don’t be any further and call us now. Who should you be contacting when the electrical faults appear out of nowhere at the busiest hour? Obviously, us! We, at Electrician to the Rescue, are programmed to deal with your unforeseen electrical faults and have the emergency services available round the clock to keep such problems at bay.

Please do not boggle yourself further by trying fuse tripping repair in St George by yourself as it may cause you loss of life as well as property. You may be penalized as high as $22000 for going against the rules! Call us today and cover yourself smartly.


Prompt as well as perfect; this is the way we are known


Our switchboard repairs in Bexley are vouched for perfection. We know the in and out of switchboards and are fully conversant with all the state laws pertaining to them. We can advise you correctly to avoid fuse tripping in future too as most of these happen due to overload on the switchboards caused out of negligence.


We, at Electrician to the Rescue, provide the best hands in St George for electrical repairs of all levels. Any repair work that requires more than replacing a light bulb is to be handed over to a licensed electrician, so why DIY when we are here? Our prompt response an expertise in switchboard repair in Bexley make us the first choice for dealing with any sort of emergency situation.


Why you should hire us


  • One-stop shop for electric repairs: Ranging from wiring/rewiring and commercial & strata works to repairing circuit breakers in Bexley, our service basket is full of options. We can handle all electric repair cases with equal ease and perfection.
  • Upfront quotes: We charge you by the job and not by the hour. So, all the jobs have pre-defined quotes that are told to the clients in advance.
  • 24/7 presence: We are working round the clock in St George to rescue you even at the most unimaginable hour.


So, please feel free to call us for emergency cases at 1300-306-110. You can book the pre-planned electrical jobs also on this number and at jobs@electriciantotherescue.com.au