Electrical services Killarney Heights

The best electrical services in Killarney Heights

Maintenance of a home is a lot about being regular and wary about things that need attending to and electrical installations and equipment are no different.  In any home, office or commercial establishment, electrical isues will crop up at some point of time and it is important that you attend to them as soon as possible. The minute you delay on fixing a problem, it will escalate over time and will eventually take you longer to fix and will be more eqpensive too.

But when it comes to electrical services, all you have to do is ensure that tou have a maintenance package from Electrician To The Rescue. We can provide you with bi-annual electrical maintenance services and all the installation in your home and the equipment will be checked on a regular basis. We alse eneure that if any faults are found, they will be fixed on time and you are saved all the time, trouble and exepense of having to fix it later.

Best electrical services

We have been working consietently for the last 30 years across the Lower North Shore and have thousands of customers in the region. We attend to all electrical works for residential as commercial customers and provide electrical services for:

  • Wiring
  • Rewiring
  • Powerpoints
  • Circuit breakers  and fuses
  • Smoke alarms
  • Electric hot water
  • Electrical fittings
  • Electrical faults and installation

Why choose us?

  • 24/7 emergency services
  • 100% lifetime guarantee on labour
  • No hidden costs

If you need any kind of electrical service in Killarney Heights, we will send out a domestic electrician to your home/ office/ commercial establishment the same day. You can contact us on 1800 893 218, send us your query or book a time via this online form.