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The best electrical services in Newtown

When it comes to the matter of mainetnance of a home, an office or any commercial building, there are a number areas that you will be able to save money in. However, when it comes to the safaty of your family members or employees, maintenance expenses is not something you should be compromising on. Electrical maintenance  is like that. When any faults crop up, the first thing you do is call an electrican company.

If they are unable to send one of their licensed electricians to your home when you need one, you end asking a handyman to do the work. It might save you a little money, but from the safety point of view, its not something you want to do.  Its illegal to have an unlicensed domestic electrician take up any work on your premises and it isn’t safe either.

Contact Electricain To The Rescue for full-licensed and the dependable electrical services across the Inner Weest. We have licenced. full-trained and highly skilled electricians who will attend to all your electrical requests in the most efficient manner. We have been providing the best services across NSW for  the last 30 years, never cut corners and always ensure that the work is handled in the best way , the first time around.

Why Choose us?

There are numerous reasons why you should opt for  us:

  • Same day electrical service
  • On call 24/7
  • 100% guarantee on workmanship
  • Award winning electricians

In case there is any kind of electrical emergency, call us on1800 893 218 or just book a time or make an enquiry via this online form. We will provide you with cost-effective & reliable electrical services.