Most men like a bit of DIY, they like to impress their friends, family and partner by showing off their ability when it comes to fixing or building things around the house – gardening, painting, replacing a door knob or fixing a leaky tap. But when it comes to wiring it’s probably a job better left to the professionals at Electricians To The rescue.

Electrical safety is paramount and if you are planning a do it yourself project it is important to take a common sense approach and work out if you are up to the task. Electricians Sydney are always there to help you if you get into trouble.

A few simple things to remember are:

Don’t underestimate the danger of working with electricity! One mistake can be fatal: 240V is more than enough to kill even the most talented DIY electrician! It only takes one lapse in concentration or slip up and you may not get another chance!

Make sure that you have disconnected the power to what you are working on. Double check the power is off by using a multimeter, pocket tester or lamp.

Keep a torch nearby just in case of power loss and don’t use an aluminium ladder: instead use a fibreglass ladder as they are non-conductive and never work on electrical systems in wet locations, in the rain or in damp locations – especially if the power is not completely off.

Always wear rubber soled shoes or stand on a rubber mat or a dry wooden floor and never work barefoot or in socks or slippers. Concrete is still conductive so never assume it’s safe to stand on concrete floors, especially when it’s damp – this is also why it’s a good idea not to unload your washing machine while you are barefoot and standing on a concrete floor.

Electricians Sydney know that anything can conduct electricity if the conditions are right. If you are using electrical cords at home, call the residential electrician Sydney trusts: and be sure to use GFCI protection as this will help protect you from being shocked.

Also, if you are drilling into flooring, ceiling or walls be mindful and that while the power has been switched off there will be wiring behind your walls, floors and ceiling and you don’t want to drill, nail or cut into a circuit whether it is live or not.

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