Electrical repairs in Sylvania Heights

As a home / office grows older, its electrical wiring ages as well. Lighting equipment and electrical distribution are responsible for a majority of electrical failures. One of the main trouble areas is worn-out wiring. This is because it’s hidden in the walls of your home or office. Take a look at the signs that you need to get electrical repairs in Sylvania Heights and rewiring done:

  • Breakers & fuses blow often- Ideally, a tripped breaker should not have to be reset more than once in a few years and it’s the same with blown fuses. If your fuses and breakers are blowing out more often than that, it means that there is an overload in the system. There could be a fault in the wiring too
  • Switches & powerpoints are discoloured– Any discoloured switches of powerpoints should be replaced immediately. If the issue is still not fixed, a loose connection or faulty wiring might be the cause and electrical maintenance in Sylvania will be required
  • Appliances give you a shock– If you feel a buzz or zap when you touch appliances it means that the electrical wiring needs to be changed.


Importance of electrical repair in Sylvania Heights

Just like many else in your home, wiring, electrical appliances and everything else that runs on electricity will have to be serviced and maintained. Electrician To The Rescue takes away all your stresses by handling installation, maintenance and electrical repair in Sylvania Heights. When you call us, we will ascertain whether it is time for an upgrade.

We are very reasonable with our pricing and make sure that we never cut corners. Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to electrical work and that is what we prioritize at all times along with the customer satisfaction that we focus on. Call us on 1800 893 218 and speak with us about your requirement and we will provide you with the best solutions