Electrical Jobs you should never do

A lot of people think if I do this job myself, I can save a lot of money and while it can be tempting to do some minor electrical work yourself it can be a recipe for disaster. Okay you might get away with it once or maybe even twice, but eventually you’ll have to pay the price. Electricity is very dangerous and if you don’t do the job right – or you hire a rogue trader the danger of being electrocuted or an electrical fire starting is very real. The cost you’ll pay for hiring professional Sydney electricians from Electrician To The Rescue is much less than you’ll pay if something goes wrong with your DIY electrical work.

The Do It Yourself electrical jobs you CAN do around your house are –

*Plug in an appliance

*Change a light globe

D.I.Y is just a bad idea

The Sydney electricians from Electrician To The Rescue are highly trained, they have to be trained, and be an apprentice before they can even receive a license. When a licensed electrician does work around your home he has to provide you with a certificate of electrical safety. If you don’t have this certificate if any faults happen, your insurance company won’t cover you – if for example a fire breaks out and you can be in serious trouble if anyone is injured or dies due to an electrical fault.

In most states of Australia – even a *simple* electrical job must be carried out by licensed electricians including –

  • Moving existing powerpoints
  • Repairing an appliance
  • Replacing the plug on the end of a power lead
  • Replacing a power point or lighting switch

Laws are made for a reason – if you do something wrong with some DIY projects – like painting – the worst that can happen is you’ll spill paint or see paint brush strokes if something goes wrong while you are installing ceiling fans or moving a powerpoint a fire can break out or you can be electrocuted. The risks are higher so always call the professional Sydney electricians from Electrician To The Rescue.

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