Electrical companies in Earlwood

Finding for a reliable electrical services provider in Earlwood has never been so easy! We, at Electrician to the Rescue, are available to our customers round the clock throughout the year. Simply punch in our emergency number in your contacts’ list and you will never be left alone when any emergency due to power failure strikes in. We are also a trusted name in electrical services industry because of our sheer perfection in jobs done and unmatched ability to reach you just on time, even at the darkest hour!


The most popular electrical company in Earlwood


We have tremendous reputation among Earlwood residents seeking a reliable electrical repairs perfectionist. Our ability to fix the faults in single visit and reaching the clients quite on time has brought lots of laurels to our company. Serving you for about 30 years, we, at Electrician to the Rescue, are epitome of trustworthiness and impeccable service.


What makes us the most reliable of all electrical companies in Earlwood


  • 24/7 working: We are quite accustomed to the fact that electrical points may go off any moment. Hence, we are available round the clock to rescue you even at the most unimaginable hour.
  • 100% guaranteed service: We provide perfect repairs to the faults and do installations jobs with unmatchable diligence. Therefore, all our services are 100% guaranteed
  • Technicians on GPS: We pledge to reach you as quickly as possible and so have put all our technicians on GPS; this allows us to send the nearest one to your place on shortest notice.
  • Up-front price quote: Our payments plans are job-based and transparent billing system ensures you better peace of mind


We are truly the local electricians of Inner West and can be reached anytime at 1300-306-110. You can write more about the electrical services available with us at jobs@electriciantotherescue.com.au.