Electrical companies in Beverly Hills

If you are in the process of constructing a new home and require a full electricity package then we are the electricians of choice in Sydney. If you happen to be located in St. George and are searching for a competent, well trained and professional team of electrical companies in Beverly Hills then just call us to start seeing positive results right away.

There to rescue you at any time of the day even night!

Electrician To The Rescue is perhaps the most favourite electrical company in Beverly Hills, and for very good reason. Our same day service, team of honest and trustworthy technicians along with great upfront pricing makes us the best choice in the city of Sydney for all types of electrical services.

Our team is trained and is fully qualified, making them more than capable of handling almost any type of electrical service that you may need, regardless of if its residential or commercial property.

Why we are great

Even though we are saying this ourselves but keep this in mind when you are looking for great electricians.

  • Technician tracking: Every one of our service vehicles has a GPS tracking system which allows us to track every team’s location in real time. This allows us to quickly dispatch the nearest team to your location. So, we do not waste your time.
  • 24/7 availability: Because we are always available we are the type of people you can fully depend on.
  • Prices: We always present our clients with upfront quotes and later stick with them regardless of how long a job may take to complete. This helps our clients save money and manage their budgets.
  • Same day service: This will ensure that you do not have to wait around just to get your broken hot water system fixed or a lighting system replaced.
  • Service with a guarantee: We offer a very lucrative 100% lifetime guarantee for every service we provide.

We are professionals you can trust with all and every type of electrical service. Contact us by calling 1800 893 218 or Fill out our online form.