Electrical companies in Newtown

There could be times when you are sitting in your home and feel a sudden fluctuation in the electrical current and the lights flicker. Typically, all fluctuation is evened out by circuit breakers and if you face this kind of an issue, it means the electrical wiring in your home will have to be checked thoroughly.

Electrician To The Rescue is one of the oldest and most professionally run electrical companies in Newtown and we have been consistently providing excellent electrical services to customers across the state. We handle projects of every scale provide services to residential as well as commercial customers.

Prompt Services

We offer you excellent & prompt same-day services which help you maintain your schedules without too much of a disruption. It’s important to hire the services of an electrical company in Newtown that will provide you services when you require them. This is even more important if there is any kind of electrical emergency. We use advanced and the latest testing-equipment & carry out a thorough check on all the electrical-wiring in the room where the fluctuation occurred. But we never leave anything to chance and check all other main electrical switchboards and circuit breakers too.

Expert Electrical Company in Newtown

If the house is old, there is a distinct possibility that the wiring may be old as well. In some cases, this is what causes the fluctuation. We also offer annual and bi-annual maintenance services. These go a long way in ensuring that fewer problems occur and you can always rest easy that we are on call 24/7. We provide a 100% lifetime guarantee on workmanship. You can reach us via this form or call us on 1800 893 218 in case of any electrical emergencies.