Electric hot water in Rozelle

We all need hot water right round the clock, in our homes & the minute there is a fault in the system, you wonder if you need to replace it. But before actually make that particular decision, it’s important to know that majority of faults in hot water electric water heaters can be attended to and fixed. Before you call for an installation, call us instead. Electrician To The Rescue provides you with same-day services & you will not be left without electric hot water in Rozelle for too long.

The Experts in electric hot water in Rozelle

We have three decades of experience in this field & know the different types of things which can go wrong with the electric hot water system in Rozelle. All our Super-Electricians are well-trained to recognize faults and they test all the systems with the use of the latest testing equipment. and fix the problem in an expert manner, with the highest levels of professionalism. This means that you always have peace of mind & know that that particular problem will not surface again. We provide a 100% lifetime guarantee on labour too.

Problems with an electric water heater?

Of course, if there isn’t hot water in all the “hot” taps in your home you surely know that there is an issue with your electric heater. But the other symptoms you may notice are:

  • Insufficient amount of hot water
  • The electric heater takes too long to reheat
  • Water is too hot
  • Black or even rusty-colored water

If you have recently noticed any of these indications, please contact us via the form / call us on 1800 893 218. We offer 24/7 services and send out an electrician the same day. Do not hesitate to call us the minute you notice any faults in the electric hot water system in your home.