D.I.Y is dangerous

Okay you want to save yourself some money – who doesn’t? And for anyone who wants to save themselves the bother of calling in professional electricians in Sydney the do it yourself option seems pretty inviting.  You can do it, it’s just a small job, and how hard can it be? You have some tools, a little bit of knowledge it makes sense – you can hammer a nail into wood, paint the house or change a washer so making a small electrical repair – EASY!


When you decide to do your own electrical repair if you do a bad job the risks are dangerous – not just to yourself but to anyone else in the house. Electrical repairs or installing a power point or ceiling fans is not only a lot harder than it looks – you can’t just remove powerpoints and put a new one back the same way, it’s just NOT that simple! A lot of D.I.Y’ers  think that electrical repairs are just like any other job around the house – but if an electrical repair isn’t done properly it can cause a lot of issues – including the chances of receiving an electric shock – anything from a mild shock to a fatal shock. You would be surprised that people attempt repairs without even shutting off the power!

Without the proper qualifications like those held by the team of electricians in Sydney from Electrician To The Rescue it’s easy to mistake wiring and if you do the results can be devastating. The wiring inside you home needs to be stable and secure if not a fire could begin, so while you think it’s fine to handle electrical repairs yourself – it is not worth it! Always call in professional electricians in Sydney from Electrician To The Rescue.

Only fully trained and licensed electricians in Sydney from Electrician To The Rescue have the knowledge and ability to prevent problems like this occurring. The risks are too great to carry out electrical repairs yourself – always hire professionals electricians in Sydney to do the work for you – when the work is done safely you won’t have any problems.

You can always reach us on 1800 893 218, or by booking a job online here. We’re always ready to rescue you!

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