D.I.Y – D.I Don’t! (part 2)

Do it yourself – last week Electrician To The Rescue discussed why D.I.Y is not a good idea, this week we finish this topic with some very good reasons to hire qualified Sydney Electricians to carry out any and all electrical work around your home.

You think it’s simple – but are you really sure, what looks simple on the outside could be a very tricky and complicated process – this is why electricians in Sydney have  had the training and why they need to be licensed – it’s so they can solve any electrical problem, no matter how simple or how hard it is.

Doing your own electrical work isn’t worth the risk!


NOW – There is a risk that something could go wrong while you are fiddling about trying to install wires or a power point. You risk electrocution and/or damage to your home.

LATER – There is a risk something could go wrong later on, even though you feel pleased you have installed that ceiling fan correctly – you don’t know what might happen if something wasn’t done right from the start – this could include a short circuit, electrical shock or even an electrical fire – that repair or installation could be a ticking time bomb.

Some insurance companies won’t recognise work done by an unlicensed electrician – you can do more damage than good if your home or property needs to be repaired or replaced.

Laws vary from state to state – but here are some examples of work that cannot be done by an unlicensed person

  • In NSW an electrical license is needed before ANY electrical installation or wiring takes place
  • In Victoria the Energy safe website states you should *never do your own electrical work – instead opt for a registered electrical contractor*
  • In Queensland installing a new power point or replacing a lighting switch is electrical work

In a nutshell beyond using your appliances as they should be or changing a light globe you can’t do much else yourself. Call in the professional Sydney electricians from Electrician To The Rescue and be safe!

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