D.I.Y – D.I Don’t! (part 1)

It is time to do away with do it yourself electrical work,  of course it would be great if you could do EVERYTHING ourselves and at Electrician To The Rescue, our team of qualified Sydney Electricians understand that – BUT – it’s not really the case is it? After all if your child is sick – you take them to a DR, if you have a toothache – you visit the dentist and if your pet is ill – you take them to the vet… what does a Dr, Dentist and a Vet have in common? – Like an electrician – they are all professionals. You wouldn’t treat your pet or child using D.I.Y – so why do people want to try D.I.Y with electricity!

Sydney electricians are fully trained, qualified and licensed – D.I.Y electrical repairs – whether performed by yourself or through a rogue trader – is often illegal, it can cause damage to your home, cost thousands of dollars in repairs and you can even risk serious injury or death.

Sure there are some very small electrical tasks like installing a new ceiling light, fan or switch can be tempting – they look like a fairly simple and straight forward job, it saves you the complete hassle of calling a Sydney electrician and waiting around – you’re too busy for all that… you just really can’t be bothered with making calls, it’s a lot easier to just do it yourself…

So what are the dangers when it comes to do it yourself electrical work?

There are some very genuine and very real consequences from trying electrical repairs yourself including – electric shock, an electrical fire and short circuits. There are dangers not only to your family but you are also risking damage to your property – this damage can end up costing you a LOT more than it would have cost you to call Electrician To The Rescue and have one of their qualified Sydney Electricians come to your home to carry out all your electrical repairs and installations.

Remember this – depending on the state or territory doing your own electrical work is illegal and can come with some pretty hefty fines – up to $100,000 for individuals and $500,000 for companies – or even imprisonment.

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