Common electrical problems around the house

In older homes the electricians in Sydney from Electrician To The Rescue find that electrical problems are quite common, but even newer homes can be prone to electrical issues. Some problems are quite easy to fix like changing a light globe or replacing a light fixture, for the more complicated or dangerous jobs – leave it to a professional electrician from Electrician To The Rescue.

Today the team of electricians in Sydney from Electrician To The Rescue want to look at some of the common electrical issues a home owner may encounter.

  • Flickering lights. If you find your lights are cutting in and out it can be caused by several different issues including loose bulbs, loose wiring, and the wrong type of light bulb, broken or frayed wiring. Changing your light globe isn’t a problem and most lamps and light fixtures should have the recommended globe listed, if; however the problem is with your wiring you need to have it inspected as soon as possible. Frayed, loose or broken wires can lead to a fire risk; the team from Electrician To The Rescue can find and fix these issues making your home safe again.
  • Light switches that don’t work – if you try to turn your lights on and nothing happens – check and see if the light globe is burnt out and replace it. If the bulb is okay, check that you have power to the light switch by checking the fuse box – if that is okay, it’s time to contact the electricians in Sydney as it could be a potentially very serious problem. Don’t ignore an issue like this.
  • Burning smell – if you smell something burning turn your power off at the fuse box – this cuts the supply of power to lessen the risk of a potential fire spreading. Call an electrician immediately; it could be an issue with frayed wiring, a malfunctioning electrical device or a power overload.

Electricity is dangerous, never put yourself, your family or your home at risk, at the first sign of a problem call Electrician To The Rescue and be safe.

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