Commission a qualified electrician in Sydney today

Reliable electricians are hard to come by. Often, without knowing the right price for services, customers will pay a lot more than they have to for electricity, and even more often, band aid solutions are applied to an incident with a deep root cause. These visits are more than a waste of time – they make you pay double as you’ll be sure to need a follow up visit.

Electricians To the Rescue has been sent in when other electricians fail. Our team boasts electricians who are proactive and look to find the cause of the incident, rather than the symptoms. If you’re in distress thanks to an electrical problem, choose Electricians to the Rescue to assist you today.


Our services span every electricial handyman item in the modern home, including:


Get an electrician in Sydney on board who is intelligent and switched on. We have assisted customers with thousands of repairs, many of which were performed in a single visit. We offer a 24/7 convenience agreement that means you can book in after hours appointments any time you like. That way, we adhere to your business schedule and ensure you’re home to receive us as we work on your property.

Any of our expert electrician tradespeople in Sydney know the best methods for fixing broken wiring, lights, fans and more. Electricity moves at close to light speed and can wreak havoc, so don’t delay on calling in an expert to fix faulty systems up immediately.


With a delightful team of customer service representatives, we can put you in touch with an electrician from Sydney, no matter where you live in the metropolitan area. Call today on 1800 893 218! You can also click here to book a job online.

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