Check Your Smoke Alarm

We have all heard on news reports of people killed in a house fire because they either didn’t have a smoke alarm, or they did, but it didn’t go off. It’s tragic that every year homes and lives are lost because homeowners simply forget to install or regularly test their smoke alarm. How would you feel you lost a family member simply because you didn’t take the time to check your smoke alarm? You want to do everything you can to keep those you love safe – so if you don’t have a smoke alarm, get one today! Call Electrician To The Rescue today and organise smoke alarm installations in your home.

The electricians in Sydney from Electrician To The Rescue have been installing smoke alarms in homes for years, smoke alarms not only detect a fire, they wake everyone in your home and alert them to the danger so they have time to get out safely. Fire can move through a house quickly and you need to discuss an evacuation plan in case of a fire so everyone knows what to do.

Test your alarm regularly and at least once a year; replace the batteries in each alarm with brand new ones. If you have a smoke alarm that runs on batteries, if the batteries die, so does your alarm. The electricians in Sydney from Electrician To The Rescue can install smoke alarms quickly and give you advice on smoke alarm safety. If you don’t have an alarm installed – call 1800 893 218 now!

The technicians from Electrician To The Rescue have great testimonials and are skilled, trained and qualified to not only install smoke alarms, but carry out any and all electrical repairs and installations.

There is really no excuse to NOT have a working smoke alarm in your home, they are the best investment you’ll ever make. Hopefully you will never actually NEED one, but if you do have a fire, knowing you and your family are safe will be the best reward. Electrician To The Rescue provide an emergency call out service – so there’s no excuse not to get that alarm installed today!