Being a Sydney electrician is a varied job and an important one. When you think about it, it’s up to electricians to bring electricity into your home, into offices, factories, hospitals and buildings everywhere, making sure it runs safely and efficiently. Sydney electricians can take on many kind of works during any given day, doing everything from fixing electrical machines to installing wiring. Some electricians work within the residential side of the electrical industry while some specialise and install wiring in airplanes and ships or even work in the television or motion picture industry.

A Sydney electricians job is very high risk as they work on low voltage to very high voltage power supplies it is for this reason they have rigorous training which takes years to complete. They also have to abide by and follow very strict rules and regulations including building codes and safety guidelines – to avoid accidents and other dangers of the job – when performing repairs, installations and maintenance.

In new buildings electricians may need to read blueprints to pin point the specific areas of a building where powerpoints and electrical wiring need to be placed. In factories, electricians are employed to maintain robots, motors and generators and they are in charge of maintaining machinery before it breaks down, this can also include writing a report on equipment – what needs to be replaced and what is still in good working condition.

Without a doubt one of the most common tasks, although definitely not the easiest, is wiring installation. This includes installing conduits in the wall – these are tubes that are buried behind the walls where the wiring is to be pulled through. This involves working with the builders during construction of a new building. Once installed they need to check the correct amount of electricity is coming through and adjust it if need be. Using fibre optics, Sydney electricians also install wires for fire alarms, computers and telephones.

As a part of their job, electricians use a range of tools and technologies to measure the flow of electricity and check the strength of the current. Your team at Electrician To The Rescue are experts when it comes to power outlets, circuit breakers, smoke alarms and wires.

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