Are household electrical issues costing you money?

Have you ever had a mild electric shock when you unplug the toaster or the kettle? While there may be an issue with the appliance, it can also be a problem with the wiring in your house. Either way if you ignore this warning sign it could be extremely dangerous.

Remember – if you have any issues you should always ONLY employ the services of licensed electricians in Sydney from Electrician To The Rescue. To have work performed by anyone unlicensed is both risky and dangerous!

Do you find your light globes seem to be burning out quickly? One of the most common reasons for this occurring is voltage – the voltage supply to your home may be too high causing your light globes to *burn out*. Have your electricians in Sydney perform a voltage check, overvoltage can be dangerous as electrical appliances can overheat causing a fire. This issue can cost you money – the cost of constantly replacing light globes and your appliances can fail if your power supply is too high.

If you find your light flickering and dimming the most common cause is a faulty light globe, but if you have replaced it and still have the issue the problem may be more complicated. Does it occur when you are running a big appliance such as an air conditioner – or does it happen no matter what appliance is in use? It could be an issue with the light bulb and socket – or it could be a loose wire.

When you call your electricians in Sydney from Electrician To The Rescue at 1800 893 218 and give the technician as much detail as possible, alternatively you can contact us online, take note of the time and day and what appliances were on this will help the electrician in Sydney diagnose the problem. Only call in a licensed and qualified electrician they are the only ones capable of sifting through the possibilities and finding a solution.

As soon as you notice any unusual activity from an appliance, power point or light socket – don’t try and fix it, call Electrician To The Rescue it’s the only way to keep you, your family and house safe!


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