An electrical emergency – what do I do? (part 2)

Continuing our blog from last week – if you find yourself in an electrical emergency or blackout – have you thought about what you might need to be prepared for? If you have a medical condition that requires continuous power, or if you care for someone on life support, or if you even have any other special needs, you have to call your local electricity supplier. You should have advised them of your needs originally so they ensure all your contact details and everything is up to date in case you need to be contacted.

If you or someone in your family suffers an electrical shock, the damages can be long lasting. While shocks often don’t immediately kill a person, they can cause burns, stop the heart, paralyze breathing or cause muscles to contract. Often a victim of a shock can’t let go of the appliance that has caused the shock. If you see this happening Electrician To The Rescue suggests

  • If there is no danger to you, switch off the power at the powerpoints and pull out the plug
  • If you can’t turn off the power use something made of rubber, or a dry cloth and try and pull the victim from the appliance
  • Protect yourself and anyone else from the possibility of anyone else getting a shock
  • Don’t touch the skin of the victim until the power is off
  • Ring 000 immediately and get assistance for the victim
  • If you are trained, administer first aid or CPR as soon as they are no longer in contact with the electrical current
  • NEVER attempt to rescue a person when high voltage electrical equipment is involved leave that to professional electricians in Sydney

If you don’t have a safety switch at your home already, it’s a good idea to call Electrician To The Rescue and have one of their friendly electricians come around to your home. Serious injuries and even deaths that can result from electrical shocks can be avoided if you have a safety switch installed in your home by Electrician To The rescue.

It’s easy to forget that appliances can cause us harm; faulty appliances, faulty wiring or accidents involving electricity can be fatal. Call 1800 893 218 or click here to book a job online. We’re always ready to rescue you!

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