A Sydney electrician can solve all your household problems

Have you felt the strain of dodgy trade practices when it comes to fixing your home electrical problems? The Sydney electrician industry is unfortunately full of amateurs that are neither customer-service oriented nor skilled when it comes to fixing even the most basic problems.

Electricians To the Rescue is different. We offer a premium service for decent prices. Often, we’re even called in to fix botch jobs from other companies.

When it comes to your home, you need a Sydney electrician who is switched on and professional, who can actually roll up their sleeves and get the job done. With a mentality of doing things, not just getting things done, Electricians to the Rescue is the answer you’ve been looking for.


We take care of a range of household electrical items. When it comes to appliances and how circuitry works, we’re the best. Just ask us when you call in for a consultation.

Regular failure points include:


We organise our qualified professionals into teams, to share learning and also pool knowledge of household electrical systems for each job. Each job is assigned as a case, which isn’t closed until the job is done and the customer signs off.

Electricians to the Rescue has never had a case it couldn’t fix. We’ve got experience across a range of electrical systems and as such always look to proactively diagnose problems occurring in your home. We also offer 24/7 convenience, to schedule around your work and study.


You’ve selected no better team to help you out with your electrical problems. Call in a Sydney electrician that knows his stuff when you dial 1800 893 218, or click here to book a job online!