Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a cost effective way to cool your home during the summer months, they are both less expensive to run than an air conditioner and they are less expensive for you to have an electrician install than an air conditioning unit is. If you use a ceiling fan in summer rather than the air conditioner you can reduce your power consumption by up to 40%.

How to choose the best fan for your room.

Before you even start looking for a ceiling fan you need to consider how efficiently a fan will work in the area you want to cool down.

Electrician To The Rescue suggests –

  • Timber blades are more quiet than metal blades
  • There is very little difference between 3, 4 and 5 blade ceiling fans
  • Metal blades will move the air more effectively due to the shape of their blades
  • For quiet rooms – like the bedroom choose timber blades, for noisier rooms – like a family or living room use metal blades.
  • The length of blade is also very important in general blades up to 122cm are great for smaller rooms while longer blades up to 132cm or larger are perfect for a bigger room 20m to 36m square.

The electricians in Sydney from Electrician To The Rescue know that ceiling fans can do more than just cool a room and can come combined with a built in light – giving you a dual use – lighting and cooling. If you don’t like the *industrial* look of a ceiling fan you can choose one with a different shape, blade or even colour. Fans also come with different features – variable speed and even reversible fans. The electricians in Sydney can also install a ceiling fan in a well protected outdoor living or kitchen area. Not only can ceiling fans installed here by Electrician To The Rescue keep you cool, the breeze created can also deter flies and mosquitoes. Ceiling fans are a great choice for those who have and enjoy the modern indoor/outdoor lifestyle.


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